PAC Bylaws


ARTICLE I – General

Section 1.01.  Name and Definition:  The name of this organization is the Idaho Association of Health Underwriters Political Action Committee, also known as the IAHU PAC, the political action committee for the Idaho Association of Health Underwriters (IAHU), a non-profit, voluntary, non-partisan, unincorporated organization supported by contributions from members and supporters of the IAHU.

Section 1.02.  Purposes:  The purpose of the organization is to:
Raise money for the purpose of contributing to candidates for local and state elections;

Educate elected officials and candidates for political office about the issues important to the members and supporters of IAHU; and,

Support candidates for election to political offices, ballot measures, and petition circulation drives in the State of Idaho, the philosophies of which are consistent with advancing, promoting, and protecting interests of the members and supporters of IAHU.

Section 1.03.  Limitation:  The IAHU PAC shall observe all local and state laws, which may apply to political action committees as defined in Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 1.04.  Principal Office and Address:  The principal office of IAHU PAC shall be located in Boise, Idaho and IRS address shall be P.O. Box (to be determined).


Section 2.01.  Membership:  Members of the IAHU PAC shall be defined as individuals that have contributed to the PAC during the preceding twelve (12) months.  The IAHU PAC Board may refuse any contribution, with or without reason, and shall notify the prospective contributor in writing that his/her contribution is returned herewith and he/she is not a member of the IAHU PAC.

Section 2.02.  Membership Meetings:  Meetings of the members of the IAHU PAC may be called at any time by the Executive Committee with reasonable notice of not less than ten (10) days given to all members.

Section 2.03.  Annual Membership Meetings:  An annual meeting of the members of the IAHU PAC shall be held in April for purposes of electing the PAC Board of Directors.  The annual membership meeting may be held in person, by teleconference, or by electronic mail.  The Executive Committee shall give PAC members thirty (30) days advance notice if the annual membership meeting will be held in person or by teleconference; notice shall not be required if the annual meeting is held by electronic mail.


Section 3.01.  Composition: The IAHU PAC shall be governed by a Board of not less than five (5) members and not more than thirteen (13) members. 

Section 3.02:  Term:  Each Executive Committee member shall serve a two (2) year term after election by the PAC members and shall continue to serve until a successor has been qualified and elected.  There are no restrictions on the number of terms an Officer may serve.
Section 3.03. Officers:  Officers of the PAC Executive Committee shall be the PAC President who shall preside over meetings of the Board and oversee all aspects of PAC operations; PAC Vice-President, PAC Past- President, IAHU President, IAHU Pac Chair, IAHU Legislative Chair, and PAC Treasurer.

Section 3.04:  Quorum:  A majority of the PAC Board shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3.05: Treasurer: The Board shall appoint a Treasurer who is not a voting member of the IAHU Pac Board to fulfill state and federal PAC operational and reporting requirements.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing an annual budget for approval by the Board and provide regular financial reports to the Board, and the Board members who shall be responsible for increasing voluntary contributions to the PAC.

Section 3.06.  Board Responsibilities:  The Board shall have general supervision and exclusive control over the affairs and funds of the IAHU PAC and shall establish and carry out policies consistent with the purposes of the PAC and state contribution limits and reporting requirements.  As deemed appropriate, and within its discretion, the PAC Board shall make the final determination with respect to contributions and expenditures by the IAHU PAC to candidates for election to political offices, ballot measures, and petition circulation drives that have been recommended by the IAHU Board.  In addition, the PAC Board shall be authorized to enter into contracts, appoint and remove, employ and discharge, and, except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws, prescribe the duties and fix the compensation, if any, of all agents and employees of the IAHU PAC.

The PAC Board shall keep track of all personal political contributions to ensure compliance with all applicable state reporting requirements.  This shall include aggregating all personal contributions to Idaho state candidates made by each Board member with contributions made by the IAHU PAC.

The Past-President shall assume the duties of the President when the President is unavailable, unable, or unwilling to perform the duties for which the President was elected.

Section 3.07.  Nominations Committee:  Annually, in March of each year, the Board shall appoint a five (5) member Nominations Committee comprised of the PAC President and four (4) other Board members.  The PAC President shall preside over meetings of the Nominations Committee.  The Nominations Committee shall present to the PAC members a slate of nominees for election to the PAC Board by no later than March 31.  The slate of nominees shall be deemed elected if approved by a consensus of the PAC Board.

Section 3.08.  Removal From Office:  Any Board member can be removed from office by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board.  Any Board member can voluntarily resign from his/her position by giving the PAC President written notice of resignation and specifying the effective date of the resignation.

Section 3.09.  Vacancies In Office:  The Executive Committee shall appoint members to fill vacancies on the PAC Board.

Section 3.10.  Compensation:  Volunteer Officers and members of the Board waive any right to receive compensation for services rendered to the IAHU PAC.  Volunteer Officers and members of the Board shall be entitled to reimbursement for all reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of the IAHU PAC with approval of the PAC President.


Section 4.01.  Registering of Organization, Reporting:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for registering IAHU PAC officers, if necessary, and ensuring that any applicable Statement of Organization is kept current with the Office of the Secretary of State.  The Treasurer shall also be responsible for insuring that all applicable reports are filed with appropriate State and local agencies and the Internal Revenue Service.

Section 4.02.  Books and Records:  The Treasurer shall keep complete records of account.


Section 5.01.  Handling of Funds:  All funds shall be transmitted directly to the Treasurer.

Section 5.02.  Deposits:  IAHU PAC funds shall be deposited to the official account of the IAHU PAC in such banks or other depositories as approved by the Board, within three (3) working days of receipt.

Section 5.03.  Disbursements and Allocation of Monies:  Subject to the advice of the PAC Board, IAHU's lobbyist, or IAHU's legislative chair, the Executive Committee shall distribute IAHU PAC funds to achieve the purposes of the IAHU PAC, including but not limited to:

Administrative costs of the IAHU PAC;

Contributions in support of or opposition to initiative or referendums;

Contributions to specific political campaigns and individuals without regard to political party; and,
Any and all other activities in furtherance of the purposes of the IAHU PAC.

Section 5.04.  Emergency Expenditures:  In situations where emergency expenditures are required and it is not practicable to convene an Executive Committee meeting, the PAC President shall be authorized to make such expenditures up to Five Hundred Dollars ($500) and seek retroactive approval for such expenditures from the Board.

Section 5.05.  Revocation of Contributions:  Members shall not be allowed to revoke contributions that have been deposited to the IAHU PAC's bank account.  Contributed funds shall become the property of the IAHU PAC upon receipt.  The Executive Committee shall provide any contributor, upon request, with a copy of any campaign statement filed by the IAHU PAC.

Section 5.06.  Fiscal Year:  The fiscal year of the IAHU PAC shall close on June 30th.


Section 6.01.  Standing Rules:  The Board may adopt and amend such rules and regulations pertaining to the purposes, activities and affairs of the IAHU PAC as the Board may deem necessary and desirable.

Section 6.02.  Legal Counsel:  The Board is authorized to retain legal counsel, at the expense of the IAHU PAC, to assist in campaign law compliance and to defend any suit or claim related thereto against the IAHU PAC.

Section 6.03.  Liability:  To the extent permissible by law, the PAC Board shall hold harmless and indemnify any member of the Board from civil liability and/or late penalties rendered against, or owed by the IAHU PAC on account of any action taken on behalf of the IAHU PAC unless the member intentionally violated a statute or was totally neglectful of his/her duties.  All obligations hereunder are obligations of the IAHU PAC only to the extent of the IAHU PAC's assets and not of any Officer, Board member, employee, or any other personal or entity associated with the IAHU PAC.


Section 7.01.  Amendments:  These Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed, or new Bylaws may be adopted upon a majority vote of the PAC Board.


Section 8.01.  Dissolution:  The IAHU PAC may be dissolved by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the PAC Board.  Upon dissolution, any remaining funds shall be disposed of in accordance with applicable laws as directed by the PAC Board after payment of all outstanding expenses.  Surplus funds may be disbursed to Idaho state or local officeholders or candidates, to political organizations, or returned to contributors on a pro-rata basis as determined by the PAC Board.  Upon termination of the IAHU PAC, a termination report shall be filed with the Secretary of State.



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