Why Join NAHU?

The National Association of Health Underwriters

Representing 20,000+ members across the nation, NAHU is the only national association working solely on behalf of individual health insurance agents today. NAHU members represent thousands of American health insurance consumers, offering them the most complete and affordable insurance available. While working primarily in the health insurance market, NAHU members also provide related types of insurance coverage such as dental care, long-term care, medicare and consumer driven benefits.

Why Join NAHU?

Healthy insurance market = Healthy Americans

NAHU believes in the insurance market. Maintaining a healthy marketplace for insurance in all 50 states is our number 1 mission. After all, a healthy insurance market is the best way to maintain the health of all Americans.

Your voice in Washington

Each year, NAHU spends over $1,000,000 to present your interests before Congress and regulatory agencies.
• NAHU holds leadership positions in over a dozen D.C.-based health-care coalitions lobbying Congress on pertinent issues.
• NAHU employs an outstanding team of experienced professionals to ensure your needs come first.
• NAHU’s Grassroots Network targets federal and state legislators with information and lobbying materials in advance of significant legislative votes.

When NAHU Talks, Congress Listens

NAHU is regarded by many of Washington’s power brokers as the definitive source on the health insurance industry. 
• NAHU was privileged to have newly elected President Bush select a staff member to work on his "transition team."


HUPAC is the political action committee of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU). It is the expression of our First Amendment rights to free speech and association guaranteed under the Constitution. Such political expression has become far more than a useful option for professionals in a heavily regulated business like the health insurance industry. It has become a necessity.
• HUPAC is registered with the Federal Election Commission. Since NAHU and similar organizations are prohibited from making political contributions, HUPAC was created to allow contributors to combine their financial support to a candidate to achieve maximum effect.

Safety in Numbers

Health care reform continues to be the leading issue on Capitol Hill and in statehouses around the country.
• The combined strength of 20,000+ NAHU members means your voice will be heard.
• Through NAHU, you have the power to decide the future of your industry.

NAHU members; The best and the brightest

By joining NAHU, you surround yourself with the top health insurance professionals in your area.
• Through networking opportunities, you’ll gain valuable insight in to becoming the best you can be.
• NAHU members have been quoted in national news, interviewed on CNN.
• NAHU local meetings are an ideal place to exchange ideas and concerns, and do business with, your peers.
• Over 200 Local chapters across the nation.

Educational Opportunities

Through our vast system of local, state and regional meetings, NAHU provides members with the best education at below market prices.
• Maintaining the highest level of knowledge for the industry is a primary focus for NAHU.
• Local chapter meetings feature leading CE speakers on pressing topics every month.
• NAHU has recently added educational opportunities available online at www.nahu.org.
• NAHU has developed partnerships with many providers, including
• AHIP, The Center for Senior Studies, InsuranceStudy.com & Franklin Covey


HIU - Monthly magazine containing valuable information about new products in the marketplace, analyses of current trends and tips on improving your business.
Legislative Newsletters - Current information about laws and regulations that will affect your clients and your business.

National meetings

Twice a year, NAHU provides members with the opportunity to really make a difference in their industry.
Capitol Conference - Hundreds of members descend on Capitol Hill every spring to make sure our legislators know why the health insurance industry is so important.
NAHU National Convention - Each summer, NAHU members gather to select their leaders and decide the association’s future.

Members’ only discounts

NAHU partners with leading providers of products and services used most by health insurance professionals, including:

• Errors and Omissions Insurance
• Conference Calling
• Overnight Shipping
• Financial Services
• Office Supplies
• Publications
• Business Tools

Your savings from these programs will exceed your NAHU dues.

IAHU Insurance Continuing Education

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