Strategic Plan


IAHU Strategic Plan

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IAHU Vision Statement:
Through the services of insurance professionals, every Idahoan will understand and have access to solutions for health, financial and retirement security needs.

IAHU Mission Statement:
Through education, advocacy and professional development, we will improve our members’ ability to meet the health, financial and retirement security needs of all Idahoans.

2017-2018 IAHU Goals & Objectives

Goal #1:  IAHU will be a leader in the health insurance industry and public policy forums.
A.    Develop and promote our relationship with Your Health Idaho, the Department of Insurance and local media resources.
B.    Utilize, promote and hold a NAHU endorsed professional designation or certification class.
C.    Promote IAHU’s educational resources and offer high quality meetings.

D.   Promote Health Insurance Awareness Week (March 12-16, 2018).

Goal #2:  Support and strengthen local chapters and statewide committees.
A.    Committee chairs will make at a minimum, quarterly calls to each local chair.
B.    Have committee chairs provide training and support.
C.    Have committees develop tasks to help IAHU achieve its goals.
D.    Filter NAHU resources to state and local chairs.

Goal #3:  Attain a membership of 280 by April 30, 2018
A.    Have 280 members by April 30, 2018.
B.    Have a 90% retention rate.
C.    Have each local set annual goals to help IAHU reach its goal.
    TVAHU – 12 new members
    SIAHU – 4 new members
    EIAHU – 4 new members
    NIAHU – 7 new members

Goal #4:  Increase the visibility of and contributions to HUPAC and the State PAC.
A.    Educate and increase awareness of HUPAC and its importance.
B.    Educate and increase awareness of IAHUPAC and its importance
C.    Have 20 new HUPAC contributors and 10 new State Pac contributors.

Goal #5:  Apply for and win multiple national awards.
A.    Apply for Landmark, Presidential citation award, website award, media award, education award and legislative award.
B.     State and all local chapters to be Silver Seal certified for 2017-2018.

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